Cleaning & Laundry

Luckys has a wide selection of home appliances and equipment for cleaning & laundry purposes. Washing machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers and more! Buy online and get delivery in South Africa. Top brands at the best prices, shop at Luckys Discount Centre based in Margate, KZN, South Coast.

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  • Dishwashers

    A wide range of Dishwashers on sale in South Africa. Suppliers of top branded products from top manufacturers.

  • Washing Machines

    A wide selection of washing machines on Sale at Luckys in South Africa. Top Loaders, front loaders and more from top brands and manufacturers.

  • Tumble Dryers

    A wide selection of tumble dryers available to buy online at the best prices. Compare Top brands and manufacturers from a reputable supplier in South Africa.

  • Ironing & Steamers

    Reputable supplier of Laundry- Irons and Steamers. Get top brands and manufacturers on sale at Luckys in South Africa. Shop and compare online.

  • Vacuum Cleaners
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Showing 1 - 25 of 87 items
Showing 1 - 25 of 87 items