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Best Fridges & Freezers from Grundig

Grundig fridges and freezers are world renowned for their quality and German innovation plus energy efficiency. These fridges and freezers come in a variety of modern styles such as the side-by-side double door fridge, combi fridge and freestanding fridge designs. Look no further than Grundig for quality, innovation and style for your kitchen.

Cooking Appliances from Grundig

Grundig’s state-of-the-art range of cooking appliances contains everything you might need in your kitchen. From hobs to ovens to cookerhoods, you can find the best quality kitchen appliances that offer stylish design without compromising on quality or ease of use.

Top Quality Dishwashers from Grundig

Grundig’s high-quality dishwashers will make your after-dinner cleanup a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding or a fully integrated dishwasher, the beautifully designed and ingeniously engineered dishwashers from Grundig offer unbeatable quality and fantastic features.


High-End Laundry Appliances from Grundig

Grundig’s best laundry appliance selection will ensure you will be looking forward to laundry day. Highly programmable, durable and beautifully designed side loader washing machines from Grundig’s state-of-the-art range are easy to operate and guaranteed to leave your clothes spotless and fresh. Have a browse through Grundig’s product range to get more information and compare item specifications to find the perfect item for your household.