Motani Zeus Recliner Suite Leather



Moch cushion arms that add luxury and softness to the arms. High backrest is contoured and curved for enhanced comfort and eye appeal. The back is split into the lower belly, which creates the support through the shape and the density of the foam and the headrest with its upper soft comfort and curved shape. The entire back harmonises with the curves and contours of the arms. The total comfort of the backrest is achieved by multiple layers of different densities of foam combined, generous layers of “cloud soft” fibre in the headrest. A unique spring foundation system is used in the base to create buoyancy combined with deep seated support and soft comfort. Available in a large variety of leather and fabric.

5-Action Recliner Suite with Console

Material: Full Leather

Dimensions (LxWxH):

3 Seater: 2110mm x 750mm x 1050mm

2 Seater: 1720mm x 750mm x 1050mm

1 Seater: 860mm x 750mm x 1050mm

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