Customer Online Purchase Guide

Add Items to Cart

To make a purchase, add the items you want to your cart via the Add to Cart button.

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Once you are happy with your selected items, go to the Cart button at the top right of the page.

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To review your items in your cart select the View Cart button or go to Checkout to continue with your purchase.

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Viewing your cart

While viewing your cart, you can remove an item by selecting the red X on the left of the item, change the Quantity of your items or Proceed to Checkout.


Calculate Shipping

To calculate shipping, proceed to the checkout menu, enter a valid Postcode/Zip and Valid Area/Suburb.

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If all information is correct, shipping options will show at bottom of page.

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Finalizing Order

If your shipping address is different from your billing address, please make sure Ship to a different address is ticked and make sure the correct information has been entered.

If you created an account and entered your Address Details via your Account Menu, the information field will be filled out and you won’t need to enter all the details again. (See guide on Account Creation )


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Once all the information in the form has been entered, select your payment method and make sure all the information is correct before selecting Place Order.




Customer Online Purchase Guide Video